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  The BEST™ technology uses wave patterns. When the device is placed in contact with the skin, it applies a high voltage damped sinusoidal wave form. Research has shown that such wave forms interact with the body’s natural resources to reduce pain.

  First: The BEST™ device is placed in contact with skin tissue.  It then applies a “high voltage damped sinusoidal wave form”.

  Second: As the waveform signal passes through the tissue, the electrical properties of the tissue and the tissue below it change.  This results in changes in the next applied signal. Hence Biofeedback.

  Third: Over time, balance is attained as the applied signal is further altered thus eliciting  a 'normal' tissue response. Avazzia technology measures this signal 3 million times per second to recognize the condition and signal the user.
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Who wants to be pain free?

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         Then let us introduce you to nerve stimulation via tiny electrical pulses. 

  Avazzia BEST™ devices are Microcurrent, Biofeedback, Electro-Stimulation devices cleared by the FDA for use via the skin for pain relief. The products are hand-held, battery-powered devices that apply relaxation and stimulation pulses. They are effective, portable, and great economic solutions in addressing the healthcare concerns of today’s active population.

  In principle, Biofeedback, Electro-Stimulation Technology (BEST
) Interactive Neuro Regulation devices work as a catalyst on the body's immune system. The device reads the resistance level of the skin and relays this information back to the brain and central nervous system via the skin itself. This accelerates the body's healing mechanism through stimulation of the neuropeptides in each damaged cell. In addition, the device could be used to treat individuals whose bodies do not repair themselves properly as a result of chronic illness. Here the device may act as a regeneration and pain management tool.

How it works

  This TV remote-control-sized device stimulates the body’s own pharmacy with thousands of tiny electric impulses through the nerves in the skin.   It creates an interactive dialogue with the body: finding, measuring and treating problem areas through the skin.  The device uses biofeedback, enabling the body to heal itself. The device sends out a series of signals through the skin and measures the response. A new signal is only sent out when a change is recorded in the electrical properties of the skin - a response to the previous signal. The device manages this bio-energy feedback with the brain by altering the output signal every few milliseconds. This whole process initiates the release of biological activators such as endorphins, neuropeptides and other mind/body stimulators. Such biofeedback signals can induce remarkably rapid healing, a function of unblocking ’stuck’ energy resonances and repetitive central nervous system patterns, allowing the body to heal itself.

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